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Konatekounda & Hamana Tolon

When the group KONATEKOUNDA & HAMANA TOLON around Billy Nankouma Konaté enters the scene, you can be looking forward to Malinke music at the highest level.

Billy Nankouma, also his older brother Diarra Konaté, is internationally famous because of the tournées in Europe and Japan with their father Famoudou Konaté and the ensemble “Hamana Föli Kan”. Their succes, the two brothers gained through the profound formation by their famous father who made them love the djembe. Bafodé Soumah and Souleymane Camara also have been educated at Famoudou´s court. There grew up Hadja Siré Doumbouya and Souleymane Camara. Hadja Siré Doumbouya is one of the first women which knows – apart from the traditional dances – also how to play the bass drumms. It´s Richard Sagno who represents the ensemble with greatfull dances.
They play the djembe and the three bass drumms dundunba, Sangban and Kenkeni which give the typical caractere in combination with the “cloches”. But they are also playing other instruments, such as Gongoma, Krins, Tandenins or balafon. Especially, their repertoire includes the typical Guinean masque danses.

Enjoy the african energy, the profound feeling of african spirit which will take you away, far to Africa…

Ensemble: Billy Nankouma Konaté, Diarra Konaté, Okas Sylla, Hadja Siré Doumbouya, Bafodé Soumah, Richard Sagno, Souleymane Camara