...afrikanische Musik kennen, spielen und lieben lernen...
Projects in Africa

1. Drumm school in Guinea

In his drumm school KONATEKOUNDA in Yembeya, a quarter out of the centre of the capital Conakry, Billy tries to educate the african children. Some of them live in poor families, so noone has to pay for this school. They learn about the traditionel rhythms of the Malinke and Susu. Guinean people life their traditions, they have profound racines, and Billy tries to save them. When he is absent, he organizes and finances another teacher and they also can use his place for repetition.

2. School in Sangbarala

In correspondence with Ruth drumm and Rainer Körber, in 2008, a new project was born: school education for everyone in Sangbarala, a village in Haute-Guinée. Not all of the children have the chance to go to school, because there are not enough school rooms and their parents also can´t pay the school taxes. That´s why we want to build two new classrooms and finance the new teachers. We also bring materials of sponsors as paper, … to Sangbarala.

In the future, we plan the foundation of an association and more education, espacially about sexuality, Aids and the conscience of environment.